Discover your soul and calm your mind with the goodness and power of meditation practices. Meditation is the art of practising mindfulness and increasing concentration. During meditation, one has to sit in a peaceful quiet place in a comfortable position and focus on breathing and concentration of mind. Meditation is one of the best things to fight depression, anxiety and increase productivity by increasing the concentration of the brain. Meditation aligns your mind, body and soul in peace and harmony. Meditation is the first step to change your thoughts and eventually change your whole world. Your thoughts deeply affect your deeds and energy. This is why you need to divert your focus to the right things. Meditation is the key to finding a new perspective and completely changing your life.

Orayu Yogshala has created the perfect place and environment for yoga and meditation practices. Established many years ago many people have joined it and become a part of it. Orayu Yogshala has also started meditation classes online. Attending meditation classes online are convenient and comfortable as you can learn from anywhere in the world. Since the outbreak of the pandemic people, I have spent most of the time at their homes. During this time they got a lot of free time and more and more people started getting conscious about fitness and health. As there was plenty of time many people started the yoga and workout journey. We appreciate this initiative and truly support it. Joining meditation classes online can be a great option for you as you can learn from the experts at the comfort of your location.

Both yoga and meditation should be performed correctly under the guidance of expert trainers. If not performed correctly it can have the opposite effect on one’s physical and mental health. Meditation is one of the best activities to improve mental health and get rid of anxiety and other issues. There are various benefits of meditation. Some of them are listed below as follows:

  • It increases your capacity to handle stressful and traumatic situations effectively.
  • It helps in increasing self-awareness.
  • It cancels out the negative thoughts, emotions and energy.
  • It gives you a sense of peace, tranquility and stability.
  • By clearing the unnecessary thoughts it creates more room for imagination and creativity in your brain.
  • It helps in overall emotional well being.

Meditation has proven to be very helpful in a wide range of conditions and disorders which improve the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Asthma
  • Heart diseases
  • High blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Migraine
  • Chronic pain

And many more.

Enroll for Orayu’s meditation classes online to gain the benefits and power of meditation under the guidance of expert trainers. The daily interactive sessions will effectively help you to learn the basics of meditation. Performing the correct breathing techniques is extremely important to get complete benefits. There are many different types of meditation that have different effects. Combining yoga and meditation can improve your strength and immunity. Meditation on a daily basis can have a magical effect on your mind, body and soul. Start leading a better life with the goodness of meditation. Join Orayu’s meditation classes online now.

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